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Prenatal vitamins made for your pregnancy journey

From Vitafol®, the makers of the #1 prescribed prenatal vitamin.**

Get your Vitafol® your way

Some women prefer to get their doctor’s guidance when choosing a prenatal supplement, some prefer a prescription prenatal covered by insurance, while others opt for speed and convenience. No matter your choice, Vitafol® is available your way.


Save on your Vitafol® prescription prenatal vitamins

Quality prenatal nutrition doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. Download our Savings Program and pay as little as $8.33 per month on your refill.

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We believe you’re in full control of your prenatal health

Vitafol® has been the leading prescription prenatal vitamin brand for over 30 years, developing prenatal vitamins with key essential nutrients and vitamins to support mom’s nutritional needs and baby’s growth and development.

Every mother has different needs, different priorities, and different values — which is why we make it easy for you to select the prenatal vitamin that’s right for you.

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Packed with the right nutrition you need for a healthy pregnancy

Wondering what goes into each Vitafol® prenatal vitamin? Each capsule and gummy is full of the nutrients you and your growing baby need. The step you take with your prenatal vitamins will last a lifetime — so it’s important to feel confident in your choice.

Folic Acid

Folic acid is a vital nutrient your baby needs right from the start. In the first month of pregnancy, your baby’s brain and spinal cord start developing, and folic acid may help to prevent possible birth defects.

L methylfolate

Most Vitafol® products contain Metafolin®, a special form of folic acid that is easily absorbed by the body. This helps protect your baby’s brain and spinal cord as they begin developing.


Iron supplementation is beneficial in pregnancy to help carry oxygen to your body tissues, including the placenta. Our formulation is gentle on the stomach so you can reduce gastric issues.


You need about 50% more iodine in pregnancy than you do regularly. Vitafol® contains this useful nutrient to support the growth and development of your baby’s brain.

Vitamin D

Taking vitamin D in pregnancy helps with the development of strong bones for both you and your baby. Taking supplemental Vitamin D can also carry over to your breastmilk for your infant.


To support your baby’s cognitive development and brain health, taking DHA in pregnancy is important. We use algal-based DHA instead of fish oil in some of our formulations so you can avoid the fishy taste.

Where are you in your pregnancy journey?

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