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Trust the experts with your health and your baby’s nutritional needs

Prescription prenatal vitamins from the market leaders in prenatal health.

How to get your Vitafol®
Rx prenatal vitamins

We want you to have the freedom of accessing your prenatal vitamins the way you want.
Visit your doctor in person or meet with an online doctor to discuss your options – Vitafol® makes it easy.


Connect with Our Doctors

Book an appointment to speak with a doctor online to learn about the best prenatal vitamin for your pregnancy. It’s easy and can be done from the comfort of your home.


Discuss prescription prenatal vitamins with your doctor

Not sure what questions to ask? Download the Doctor Discussion Guide for all the aspects to consider when choosing prescription prenatal vitamins.

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Save on your Rx prenatal vitamin refill

When you join the Vitafol® Savings Program, you can pay as little as $8.33 on each monthly refill of your prescription prenatal vitamins.

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Get to know Vitafol®, the market leaders in prenatal health

With over 30 years of experience developing prenatal vitamins, we create products you can rely on.

At Vitafol®, we understand that not every mom can take a pill each morning. Sometimes you’re dealing with severe nausea, other times you have trouble swallowing. That’s why we offer a range of prescription prenatal vitamin products like gummies – so you can get the nutrition you need while feeling comfortable.

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Vitafol® prenatal vitamins at your fingertips

Connect with Our Doctors