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Mama – you’ve got this!

You’ve been pregnant before, and you know what comes next. We’re just here to support you along the way.

A quick refresher on the essential nutrients in prenatal vitamins

You understand the importance of prenatal vitamins – and you probably read all about what goes into them the last time. In case you need to jog your memory, here are the essential nutrients you and your baby need right now.

Folic Acid

The most important nutrient you need while pregnant, folic acid prevents against possible birth defects in the brain and spinal cord

L methylfolate

Vitafol® uses Metafolin, a special form of folic acid. Sometimes folic acid can be difficult to absorb in the body, so our formulation ensures your body gets what you need.


Taking an iron supplement in pregnancy is vital because iron is what helps carry oxygen to your body tissues. During pregnancy, you need iron to carry oxygen to your placenta.


You need additional iodine in pregnancy because this nutrient helps support the growth and development of your baby’s brain.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D in pregnancy builds strong bones for you and your baby. After pregnancy, vitamin D is passed into your breastmilk to nourish your little one.


DHA in pregnancy is used to support your baby’s cognitive growth and development. Many women don’t like the taste or smell of fishy DHA, so we use an algal-based one.

We recommend these Vitafol® prenatal vitamins for experienced moms-to-be


Vitafol® Ultra

Tiny but Mighty

Get complete prenatal nutrition for you and your baby with a small softgel, with the doctor-recommended levels of folic acid, DHA, and iron to support your baby’s growth and development.


Vitafol® Gummies

The Fun One

A great-tasting and easy-to-chew alternative to traditional prenatal vitamins — ideal for those experiencing nausea. This gummy contains almost twice as much folic acid as over-the-counter brands.


Vitafol® One

You Only Need One

This small all-in-one prenatal vitamin includes DHA, which helps support cognitive and visual development in your baby.

Doctor-prescribed Vitafol® prenatal vitamins
that meet your unique needs

See all of the doctor-prescribed Vitafol® prenatal vitamins

Whether you’re dealing with exhaustion or have more nausea compared to the first time around, we’re here for you. Check out these Vitafol® prescription prenatal vitamins.

SEE doctor-prescribed Vitafol® PRODUCTS

Ask your doctor the right questions

What should you talk to your doctor about regarding prenatal vitamins this time around? Download our Doctor Discussion Guide with the details you need to consider.


Save on your prescription Vitafol® prenatals

If you’re managing your budget in anticipation of your new little one, join our savings program. Each prescription prenatal vitamin refill is as little as $8.33 per month.

Download Saving Card

We can’t wait to celebrate your newly expanding family

Mama, you’re doing a great job! In just a few months, you’ll be able to meet your new bundle of joy – and we are cheering you on at every step.

At Vitafol®, we understand that each pregnancy is unique. You may have had nausea the first time around, and could be dealing with trouble swallowing with this pregnancy. Whatever the case, we offer a range of prenatal vitamin formulations that are designed to suit your needs.

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