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The first and only prenatal gummy vitamins available by prescription. A yummy way to a healthy baby.

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Vitafol® Gummies have complete vital nutrition in a great-tasting gummy with quality ingredients


Folic acid for pregnancy is the best way to help prevent possible birth defects. Vitafol® Gummies have folic acid in higher amounts than OTC formulations.


Taking a DHA supplement in pregnancy may help support cognitive and visual development of your baby and contribute to optimal birth weight.


Iron supplements in pregnancy help support the growing needs of your baby.

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Taking your prenatal vitamins just got more fun with Vitafol® Gummies!

This great-tasting gummy can be your key to a healthy pregnancy! Packed with the most essential ingredients you need, Vitafol® Gummies is the only prescription prenatal vitamin gummy available on the market!




Unlike any over-the-counter prenatal vitamins, Vitafol® Gummies are formulated differently

Taking your prenatal vitamins just became a delicious part of your day

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