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A single source for your nutritional support. Vitafol® One is a small, all-in-one softgel capsule with key vitamins and minerals, including DHA.*

Vitafol® One is one small pill with big advantages, full of quality ingredients*


Vitafol® One contains folic acid for pregnancy in higher amounts than OTC formulations. This may help prevent possible birth defects in the brain and spinal cord.


Vitafol® One has a special iron complex, not commonly found in many OTC formulations, that may help avoid gastric upset that may be caused by other forms of iron.


Iodine can help support your baby's brain development.


Taking Vitamin D in pregnancy may aid in healthy development of bones for you and your baby.


Prenatal vitamins with DHA, derived from natural algal-oil, may help support cognitive and visual development of your baby and contribute to optimal birth weight.

All you need is One!

Let Vitafol® One be your single source for nutritional support.


Unlike over-the-counter prenatal vitamins, Vitafol® One has everything you need

Vitafol® One contains higher dosages of key ingredients such as folic acid and iron than over-the-counter prenatal vitamins to ensure you are getting the proper supplementation you need.

Vitafol® One contains tolerable iron in the form of polysaccharide iron complex which is gentler on your stomach than the iron contained in OTCs and may improve iron absorption in your body.

Vitafol® One also contains DHA for pregnancy, derived from natural sources (algal oil), which eliminates the concern for fish allergies or intolerance associated with OTC prenatal vitamins containing fish oil DHA.