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Vitafol® Fe+ has complete nutrition enriched with 90 mg of elemental iron for women who need it. 1 in 3 women will experience iron deficiency by her third trimester.

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If you need an iron supplement during pregnancy, Vitafol® Fe+ has you covered


With l methylfolate, a biologically active form of folic acid not commonly found in OTC formulations, Metafolin® allows for easy absorption of folic acid by the body and may help prevent possible birth defects.


Vitafol® Fe+ contains DHA derived from natural algal-oil, which may help support cognitive and visual development of your baby and contribute to optimal birth weight.


Vitafol® Fe+ contains 90 mg of a special iron complex not commonly found in many OTC formulations, that may help avoid gastric upset that may be caused by other forms of iron.

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Did you know 1 in 3 pregnant women will experience iron deficiency by their third trimester?

Your iron demands increase during pregnancy. Ensure you have the right nutrients for you and your growing baby.




Vitafol® Fe+ is powered with extra iron for women who need it due to:

Dietary Restrictions
Recent Pregnancy
Iron Deficiency during previous pregnancy
Higher Iron Demand During 3rd Trimester


If you and your doctor discuss that you have low iron and need iron supplements for pregnant women, Vitafol® Fe+ may be the right choice for you.


Vitafol® Fe+ is formulated with 90 mg of tolerable iron (polysaccharide iron complex) which allows for less stomach upset and greater absorption so you can get the proper supplementation you need.